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Clean Energy Credit Union Registered Dealer Program

To provide better service to Members and contractors/installers (aka “dealers”), Clean Energy Credit Union requires that solar and geothermal loan applicants work with a dealer who has been registered with Clean Energy Credit Union.

Registered Dealer Program Benefits

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Attractive Interest Rates

We offer competitive rates that make solar installation more affordable.

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Flexible Loan Terms / Product Offerings

Choose loan terms and solar loan that best suit your customers’ needs and budgets.

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Online Application Process

We offer a streamlined application process to help ensure a smooth experience for your customers.

No Fees class=”wrapper”>

No Dealer Fees

Clean Energy Credit Union does not require dealer fees to access our financing.

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Dealer Portal

Initiate and send applications to your customers, track the status of their loan, upload documents, communicate directly with our loan officers, and more.

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Lending Expertise

Our dedicated team has financed thousands of clean energy loans and we’re here to support you & your customers throughout the loan process.

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Loan Discount Programs

Based on geography and eligibility, your customers may qualify for a rate discount if they live in certain areas, qualify as low income, or self-identify as BIPOC. See details here.

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Not-For-Profit Model

As a not-for-profit organization, our earnings are put back into the credit union, allowing us to keep our rates low & reinvest areas important to our members & contractor partners.

How to Become a Registered Dealer

Our priority is to provide the highest level of service to our members and contractor partners, therefore we are inviting dealers to submit applications to become a registered dealer as our team has capacity. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please complete this form and we will reach out to you with next steps.


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Additional Background

Clean Energy CU’s requirement that solar loan applicants must work with Registered Dealers is intended to help improve the quality, longevity, and customer experience for our Members’ solar projects. In addition, Clean Energy CU’s solar loan demand continues to grow rapidly, and so does the number of inquiries from new solar dealers. Onboarding and working with new solar dealers requires significant time and resources, and while we’re hiring and expanding our team’s capacity as quickly as possible, we also want to allocate appropriate attention to our current Registered Dealers, our growing non-solar loan demand, and our other Member programs, products, and services.


Registered Dealers are independent contractors and are not affiliated with Clean Energy CU. Clean Energy CU does not endorse or make any representations or warranties with respect to the quality of work provided by  Registered Dealers, and it is the responsibility of our Members and prospective Members to interview and select a solar dealer that meets their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the Registered Dealer Program is to ensure high-quality service for both our members and their contractors/installers (aka “dealers”), Clean Energy Credit Union requires that solar loan applicants work with approved solar dealers ensuring an efficient lending process.

All solar and new geothermal dealers who would like to offer Clean Energy Credit Union’s solar loans must become a Registered Dealer. For non-solar/geothermal projects such as green home improvement projects, there is no requirement to become a Registered Dealer. Your customers can apply for financing through our website application. See our list of eligible products for more information on what can be financed via our green home improvement loans.

  • Time in business: Registered Dealers must have been operational for at least 3 years to meet the requirement of submitting 3 years of financials.
  • Installing solar: Our priority is to work with solar installers rather than other 3rd party organizations.
  • Financial stability: Businesses must demonstrate financial stability and show no risk of going out of business.
  • Staff Requirements:
    • At least one NABCEP certified installer on staff.
    • At least one Master Electrician on staff.
    • At least four employees.
    • Customer centric business practices:
  • Customer centric business practices:
    • Transparent pricing
    • Avoids high pressure sales

The wait time varies based on our team’s capacity to effectively manage the needs of current dealers and onboard new dealers. We receive waitlist applications daily and try to move them through the process as efficiently as possible. We will send out an email notification updating you on the process and expected wait time.

Once you have completed the waitlist, our team will review your waitlist application. From there the process includes:
1. Receiving an invitation to apply to become a Registered Dealer from our team.
2. Completing our full Registered Dealer application which requires submission of company financials, business formation documents, tax returns and more.
3. Once reviewed, we will schedule an interview with your team so that we can get to know each other better and allow for Q&A in both directions.
4. If accepted to become a Registered Dealer your company will sign a dealer agreement and we will begin providing instructional materials for your team and portal logins.
5. Once onboarding is complete and your team can begin initiating loans with your customers.

If you’d like an update on the waitlist, please reach out to us at We will do our best to send periodic emails to update you on your status.

Our loan rates can be found here.

Our credit union finances: solar, geothermal, EV, eBikes, and Green Home Improvements. Details about our loans can be found here and a full list of projects we can finance via our Green Home Improvement loans can be found here.

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To be added to our waitlist, please complete our form and we will reach out to you with next steps.