ID-Pal Identity Verification

Verify Your Identity in a Safe & Secure Way

To help protect you from identity theft and fraud, Clean Energy Credit Union has introduced ID-Pal, a safe and secure way for you to verify your identity in a matter of minutes.

About ID-Pal

ID-Pal helps protect your identity by providing real-time identity verification.  The easy-to-use app leverages a unique blend of best-of-breed technologies to deliver multi-layered verification with industry-leading verification accuracy, so we know it’s really you and you can worry less about identity fraud.

How It Works

ID-Pal let’s you verify your identity in just a few easy steps.

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Get the App

During the application process, we will send you a link to download the ID-Pal app or you can use the QR code below.

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ID Capture

The mobile app captures a quality image of your identification documentation (ID card, passport etc.).

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Liveness Test

A liveness test is captured and facial recognition verifies a match to your ID.

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Proof of Address

Please confirm your address by uploading or taking a photo of a utility bill, bank statement, mortgage/lease, or an insurance policy document dated within the last 3 months.

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You can securely submit your identification information. Make sure you see the green check mark before you close out of the app.

This 2-minute video walks you through the ID Pal process.

Going through our application process? You can access our Identification and Address Verification program in ID-Pal by scanning the QR code below with your smart phone or tablet.

ID-Pal QR Code

Questions & Answers

ID-Pal is a technology enabled Identity Verification solution. The platform leverages industry-leading technologies to run multi-layered biometric, document and database checks, resulting in real-time identity verification. Helping to keep your identity safe.

ID-Pal provides best-in-class management to keep your data safe. All data is encrypted and never stored on the edge device, nor by ID-Pal after verification. As experts in encryption, security and privacy, ID-Pal implements secure systems and operates critical identity verification services for customers.

We understand that not everyone has a smart phone, so there are a few options for those who do not.

  • You can use a tablet or iPad to download the app and complete the verification process.
  • The ID-Pal verification process only take a few minutes, so if you know someone with a smart phone, ask them for help. You simply download the app, follow the quick steps to verify and then you can delete the app from the device.

If you are having issues with ID Pal accepting your phone number, please make sure you are not using parentheses to separate the number. Only hyphens will be accepted.

ID Pal emails will come from

Text messages for ID Pal will come from 855-741-2614.