Wire Transfers

Performing a Wire Transfer

Clean Energy Credit Union wire transfers are a fast and secure way to electronically send money between your credit union account and an different financial institution.

Incoming Transfer

  1. Wire Instructions: To execute a wire transfer of funds from another financial institution to your Clean Energy Credit Union account. Please utilize the Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions and send to the financial instruction sending the funds.
  2. If you would like confirmation of your incoming wire transfer, please reach out to our member service team.

Please note:

  • For international incoming wire transfers, please contact our member service team to obtain the specific instructions based on currency.
  • There is no fee from Clean Energy Credit Union for incoming wire transfers.


Incoming Wire Instructions



Outgoing Transfer

If you would like to do an outgoing transfer, please contact our member service team to send you our outgoing wire form. You will need to gather all of the wiring instructions for the institution / company which you are sending the wire to.

Associated Fees:

Wire Transfer Fees – Outgoing





Wires sent directly to our routing number may be delayed and subject to additional fees up to $175 for returns. Please use wire instructions for all incoming wires to ensure proper delivery.

Tips for a Smooth Wire Transfer

  • Double-check recipient details to ensure accuracy and prevent errors.
  • Confirm the fees associated with the transfer with your bank before initiating the transaction.
  • Be aware of processing times, especially for international wire transfers, which may take longer due to differing time zones and intermediary bank processes.

The cut off time for both incoming and outgoing same day wire transfers is 1pm MST.

The main differences between wire transfers and ACH transfers are speed, cost, and how they work behind the scenes:

Wire transfers typically arrive in the recipient’s account within the same business day if initiated prior to the 1pm cut off time, while ACH transfers typically take 1-3 business days to reach the recipient. They batch up transfers and process them at specific times throughout the day. While there is no fee for incoming wire transfers, outgoing wires typically have a fee of $20 for domestic and $40 for international. Wire transfers go directly from your bank to the recipient’s bank, using a secure messaging network, ACH transfers travel through a central hub called the Automated Clearing House. They gather with other transfers and batch them for processing.

To confirm that your wire transfer has been received and posted, you can reach out to our member service team via phone, email or chat or log into your account via online banking to see if the funds have been deposited. We will also send you a receipt.

Our member service team is happy to answer any questions that may arise. Please reach out to the team via phone, email or chat. Sending a completed version of our incoming wire instructions to the other financial institution is the best way to avoid issues.