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Share Secured Loans

Build your credit with a low interest loan while earning dividends on your deposit accounts.

Build Your Credit & Borrow from Yourself

A share secured loan is a great idea if you are looking to build credit, need some cash without dipping into your savings, or want to avoid early withdrawal penalties on your Clean Energy CU CD.


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No Credit Check Required

Since you’re technically borrowing from your own deposit accounts, we don’t require a credit check.

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No Fees

No need to worry about extra fees or penalties when applying for a share secured loan.

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Terms of Up to 120 Months

We offer terms that are flexible for you and your financial needs.

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Up 100% of Your Deposit Balance

Get full access to your funds and borrow up to 100% of your deposit balance or less.

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Lower Rate

We keep interest rates low so you can focus on building your credit and your savings account.

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Earn Interest

You can continue to earn interest on your deposits in your checking, savings, or CD account.

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