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Online & Mobile Banking

Fossil fuel-free banking from wherever you happen to be.

Easy & Secure Banking From the Device of Your Choice

Transfer funds, make payments, and view your balance all in one place.

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Get Instant eStatements

Going paperless protects the planet and safeguards your identity.

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Pay Bills Directly

Send direct payments and set up automatic bill pay to ensure your payments are always on time so you can avoid late fees.

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Control Your Spending

Turn your cards on and off through your mobile device and limit spending to reach your budget goals.

Download our Mobile App

Bank on the go with our mobile app.

Deposit checks, make transfers, manage your cards, and get full access to all of your accounts with our mobile app.

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Boost Your Account Security

Keep up with the latest activity in your account and on your card(s) with quick alerts and notifications.

Balance Alerts

Set an alert when your balance is too low or above a specified amount.

Transaction Alerts

Stay in the loop when it comes to large withdrawals, low balance, check verification, and so much more.

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Loan Payments

Get an alert for any upcoming loan payments so you can stay on track.

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Control Your Spending

Prevent fraud by limiting the locations, merchants, and types of transactions your card can be used for.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Our vendors and software for online/mobile banking functionality are among the best in the credit union industry, and they work with hundreds of credit unions throughout the U.S. In addition to providing us with secure software platform, they also host our servers and keep them secure. In addition, regardless of which vendors and software we use for our online/mobile banking activities, all deposits in Clean Energy Credit Union are federally insured up to $250k per person and per organization.

To ensure the security of member’s accounts and prevent unauthorized access, we disable online banking access for accounts that have been inactive for 6 months or more. You can reactivate your account by reaching out to our member service team to receive new credentials.

Yes, you can access your accounts from any computer or mobile device. You can search for the app, “Clean Energy Credit Union,” on your app store.

If you only have a savings account, money market account, or Clean Energy CD, account statements are sent out at the beginning of each quarter. If you also have a checking account, any loan activity, or a CD that is maturing, statements will be sent out at the beginning of each month.

Sometimes the size of an electronic transfer or mobile check deposit will exceed our standard limits. To request an increase to your transfer or deposit limits, contact us at info@cleanenergycu.org or 720.479.7900.

With card controls, you can set your notifications to text or email when you want to be alerted to transactions. You can also dictate how, when, and where your card can be used. Features include:

  • Turn cards on and off instantly online or through your mobile device
  • Limit spending to reach your budget goals
  • Restrict the types of purchases made
  • Receive alerts over certain dollar amounts or on every transaction

In online banking or on our mobile app, get started by selecting “Add Card Alerts or Blocks” under the Card Controls tab in online banking. Choose “Set Declines and Alerts” next to the card you’d like to set alerts for. From there, choose which type of transaction you’d like to modify the settings for. You can set declines and alerts based on merchant type, location, and spend limits.

These videos walk you through how to use card controls within online banking and our mobile app.

Online Banking

Mobile App

Yes, you can set up automatic bill payment from your checking account.

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