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Are you a member of ETA International? Clean Energy Credit Union has an exclusive offer just for you! Join our climate-focused credit union now or before August 31st, and we’ll cover your initial $5 deposit when you open an account with us.

Why Choose Clean Energy Credit Union?

Clean Energy Credit Union is committed to supporting members who are passionate about sustainability and clean energy initiatives. By joining us, you not only gain access to competitive financial products and services but also become part of a movement towards a cleaner, greener future.


How to Get Started:

Join Clean Energy Credit Union:

Click the “Open a Membership” button below to start your application process.

Select ETA International as your Field of Membership:

When completing the eligibility section of your application, indicate that you are a current member of  ETA International via the dropdown.

Within the funding section of your application you can: 

  • Bypass the funding section: Enter $5 in the deposit field and select “Mail a Check” – the $5 will be added to your account (You do not need to mail a check)  
  • Choose to deposit more funds: Indicate the amount you’d like to deposit and how you’d like to fund your account. Our team will add the $5 to your balance. 

After your account is opened, you’ll have access to explore and enjoy all our diverse products and services.

Earn 3.56% APY Interest On Your Dollars

Earn 3.50% Interest On Your Dollars

Get rewarded for things you already do – like using your debit card, receiving payroll deposits, opening a clean energy loan, and having an average deposit balance of $2,500 or more. Learn more.

We Envision a World Where Everyone Can Participate in the Clean Energy Movement.

Get great rates, convenient banking, and climate-friendly financing while contributing to a greener future.

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Financing you can proudly support

When you finance through Clean Energy CU, you commit to a better future. Our loans help provide more energy efficient ways to protect the planet. Explore our loan options.

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Banking that supports the planet

When you bank with us, you’re putting your money to work for the benefit of our planet. Every dollar you deposit into an account helps other members afford clean energy. Learn how members bank with us.

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A member-owned credit union

We make decisions based on what matters to you. Our priority is to serve a greater green community– not profit-maximizing shareholders. Learn more about our mission.

Say Hello to Climate Friendly Banking

Open an account and join our membership today and help the planet.