What level of access does my parent have to my account?

If your parent is a member of Clean Energy Credit Union and chooses to link your teen account to theirs, they will have access to view your accounts and easily make transfers from their own savings or checking accounts directly to or from yours. They will not have access to any card controls or to block any purchases. Any card controls for the teen account will need to be set up through their own online banking account.

If your parent is not a member with Clean Energy Credit Union, they may access your account through your own online banking username and password, or, you may set up a shared access through your online banking portal (under the self-service tab select “share access with others”).

If your parent would like to apply for a Clean Energy Credit Union membership, please visit our join page to start an application. If your parent applies for an account, we will reach out to them to ask if they would like to link their new account to yours.

Please note that only the teen can have a debit card for the teen checking account.