Clean Energy Credit Union’s solar loans are lowering the barrier to entry for clean, green energy

family on roof with solar

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – (Feb. 7, 2023) – Climate- and customer-friendly Clean Energy Credit Union is focused solely on providing clean-energy loans to homeowners. With the Inflation Reduction Act’s tax incentives, homeowners can save thousands when purchasing solar systems, electric vehicles, and more and pay the balance with a loan that has a fixed APR as low as 7.49%.  The online credit union offers a solar loan option that covers the cost of a solar installation plus common repairs and upgrades, such as roof work, solar batteries, or electric panels.

“The IRA is making clean energy more affordable for millions of homeowners and we’re further reducing the barrier to entry with our solar, EV, and green home-improvement financing to help make clean energy a part of people’s daily lives,” said marketing director Nicole Burford. “Many homeowners want to install solar energy but are concerned about the cost, especially when their roof needs work, or they want to purchase add-ons. We want them to feel confident that it’s a great time to go solar, and that they will own the system and keep any incentives they qualify for.”

Recently published data by Solar Energy Industries Association projects the average annual growth for solar in the U.S. to be 21% from now until 2027. Cutting-edge technologies, such as battery storage, EVs, heat pumps, and “smart home” devices, are also on clean-energy consumers’ shortlist —all with IRA incentives and financing to help them manage and reduce their energy usage.

“Financing allows our members to start saving money sooner —and for longer — on their energy costs rather than saving up for years to pay out of pocket,” Burford continued. “We want to put clean energy within reach so people across the country can reduce their fossil fuel consumption.”

Clean Energy Credit Union was started by people who are passionate about promoting clean energy to protect our environment and improve our economy. We chose an innovative approach to a proven, cooperative business model to help propagate the multiple benefits of clean energy and cooperatives. Our mission is to make clean energy accessible to more people by offering our members savings vehicles and customized loan products to help them make energy-efficient upgrades, save money, and live their values. A 501(c)(1) not-for-profit organization, Clean Energy Credit Union is insured by NCUA, is an Equal Housing Lender, and is a Green America-Certified and Fossil Free-Certified business.