Board Candidate Nominating Petitions

Content Requirements of Board Candidate Nominating Petitions

  • Name of the nominee (who must also be a member of Clean Energy CU)
  • A statement of qualifications and biographical data for the nominee (300 words or less)
  • Signatures of at least 20 fellow Clean Energy CU members, which is a requirement for federally chartered credit unions that conduct electronic elections. These signatures may take the form of a copy of an e-mail from the supporting (signing) member, provided that the e-mail message contains the full name and e-mail address of the supporting (signing) member and a statement indicating their support of the nomination. The e-mail address of each member should be the same address as the one on file with Clean Energy CU. NOTE: We recognize that obtaining support from 20 fellow members can be challenging if one doesn’t know the other members in our young credit union. So, in the future, we plan to request nominations from members (further in advance) that the nominating committee can consider with the intention of facilitating the nomination of qualified candidates. We welcome other suggestions for future streamlining.
  • A signed certificate from the nominee or nominees stating that they are agreeable to the nomination and will serve if elected to office.


NOTE: Members may also suggest potential nominees to be considered by the Nominating Committee, which is appointed each year by the Board Chair, by sending an email to