How do I make payments towards/pay off my short term loan?

There are a number of ways you can make payments or pay off your short-term loan. The key when paying towards this loan is that we need to make the payment in-house once you get the funds into your savings account. The reason is that this loan is a balloon loan, so it is looking for a payment from you ONLY on the due date and not before. We can circumvent this in-house once you take one of the following steps to make the funds available.

  1. Mobile Deposit via our app: You can deposit a check via the mobile deposit feature within our app and note in the memo section “short-term loan payment”.  There is a $5,000 limit on these deposits, if you’d like to deposit more please reach out and we can increase the limit for you.
  2. Bill Pay: You Can make a payment by using bill pay from a different financial institution, just be sure to indicate you want the funds applied to your short-term loan and we will apply upon receiving payment.
  3. External Transfer: You can transfer funds to your savings through external transfer via online banking (the funds would be deposited into your savings account and can be moved per your request via email, phone, or chat)
  4. Phone: A telephone payment/payoff for you with a $10.00 processing fee
  5. Mail in payment: Mail check to Clean Energy Credit Union, P.O. Box 4233, Englewood CO 80155. Please do not mail cash.
  6. Shared Branch: Visit one of our shared branch locations in your area to make a deposit in person. Use this link to find one in your area.